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About Graduate's Profile:

The Allied Health Studies Department, in harmony with the mission and goals of the University of Puerto Rico in Ponce and the University of Puerto Rico in general, have as its primary goal the development of the student's knowledge and skills necessary to perform their role with success.

The Associate Degree in Sciences in Physical Therapy prepares its students to perform as Physical Therapist Assistants. The program graduates are health care providers who obtain an Associate Degree in Sciences in Physical Therapy and assist the Physical Therapist in the provision of physical therapy services. This provider performs in different clinical scenarios.

The general duties that characterize his/her responsibilities include:
  • Deliver physical therapy services as delegated by the physical therapist and specified in the intervention plan;
  • Assist the physical therapist when performing directed data collection procedures such as goniometry, muscle strength, sensation, balance, among others;
  • Prepare the patient/client, the treatment area and the equipment;
  • Perform the treatment programs that include thermo-therapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercises, gait training, activities of daily living, application of dressings and bandages, wound care, and therapeutic massage, among others;
  • Modify the treatment techniques as specified in the intervention plan;
  • Respond to the changes in the physiological state of the patient/client;
  • Educate the patient/client and the relatives to perform the procedures and functional activities established in the home program;
  • Educate other health providers about the procedures and activities related to the patient/client and the prevention of lesions;
  • Identify architectural barriers and make recommendations;
  • Provide psycho-social support to the patient/clients and their relatives with respect to the socio-cultural, economic, gender, race, creed, and color differences, among others;
  • Demonstrate effective oral, written and non-verbal communication;
  • Document effectively the actions taken, and;
  • Provide quality service in different scenarios and populations.

The program graduate recognizes the scope of the physical therapy personnel, their roles and functions and maintains a continuous and effective communication with the physical therapist and other personnel, in benefit of the patient's care. PTA program graduates must take and approved the board examination offered by the Puerto Rican Physical Therapy Board of Examination to obtain a license to work in Puerto Rico. Graduates will continue with their development through continue education.

The Physical Therapist Assistant can practice in general hospitals, pediatric or specialized hospitals, in rehabilitation centers, private offices, and home cares programs, among others. While performing as a PTA, he/she must demonstrate an ethical, legal, safe, and effective practice.

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