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The Associate Degree in Sciences in Physical Therapy Program strives to be an integral part in the formation of its students so that they may be prepared to function as physical therapist assistants in Puerto Rico and elsewhere. Excellence in education will be the essential principle for achieving our purpose, in response to the inalienable right that every human being has to a quality education.

The education offered will be holistic and humanistic in nature and characterized by a desire to serve, which will promote the sensitivity required to satisfy the changing needs of the population. The faculty will be a positive role model to benefit the students, other health care providers, and the community. An exchange of affirmative attitudes among students, academic and clinical faculty, and other personnel must be fostered to achieve our philosophy, mission, goals, and objectives.

Program Goals

The goals are the means to fulfill the mission of the program. By the achievement of them the program graduates will perform in the manner expected as established in the philosophical base of the program.

The program goals are:
  • Prepare Physical Therapist Assistants with the knowledge and competencies to perform the treatment plan as prescribed by the physical therapy in a legal and effective manner.
  • Prepare Physical Therapist Assistants with the essential knowledge to understand cultural, social, and economic differences and needs in a changing society within their scope of practice.
  • Maintain the accreditation of the Program granted by the Commisision of Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education of the American Physical Therapy Associaton and other higher education accrediting agencies.
  • Admit and retain students that possess the academic qualities necessary to achieve the mission of the Program.
  • Recruit academic and clinical faculty with the competencies and professional credentials necessary to provide an excellent education and role model.
  • Promote professional and personal develpoment of the academic faculty through participation in improvement activities in PR and in the exterior.
  • Foster development of the clinical faculty through an improvement plan offered by the Institution.
  • Maintain agreements with qualified clinical centers to provide the neccesary and varied clinical experiences in different scenarios to enrich and develop the clinical skills of the students.
  • Maintain the institutional support necessary so the Program has the needed resources and technology to fulfill our mission.
  • Disseminate information about the Program and the Physical Therapy profession.
  • Maintain continuous outcome assessment of all the program components.

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