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General Information:

The Certifying Official of the University of Puerto Rico in Ponce, with the authorization of the Veteran’s Affairs Administration (VAA) works with all the requirements and certifications for the eligible students which are qualified for the educational benefits. It is important that the eligible students personally go to the Veteran’s Affairs Office at college to receive the appropriate orientation about all the educational benefits he/she can receive.

The Veteran’s Affairs Office, which is part of the Student’s Deanship, collaborates with the VA Administration in certifying that the eligible student is currently studying and qualifies for the GI Bill Program.

The GI Bill Program has different chapters. These chapters have different requirements based on the eligibility of the veteran, soldier or dependent.

Veterans Affairs Administration (VAA), under Title 38 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) does not pay for re-take courses which grade is A, B or C. VAA only pays for courses which grade is D, falied courses (F) and or withdrawals (W), only when the course is part of the major (disciplinary concentration).

Those students who are receiving GI Bill Benefits in other institution and are transfer, or special guest, and wish to continue receiving the benefits in the UPR in Ponce (except Chapter 35), need to fill out this form: VA Form 22-1995 “Request for Change of Program or Place of Training”.

If the student is receiving the Chapter 35, need to fill out this form: VA Form 22-5495 “Dependents Request for Change of Program or Place of Training”.

If you wish to fill it out online, please visit the GI Bill website:

For detailed information about the chapters and benefits of the GI Bill, please visit the GI Bill website: or you can call toll-free the Veterans Affairs Administration Office: 1-888-442-4551.

LAW 203:

The Puerto Rican Veteran Letter of Rights of the 21st Century Law No. 203 of December 14, 2007 stipulates the following::

For dependents:
  • "Spouse/husband and children of veterans have a 50% discount of tuition, fees, books and other materials needed to finish their post-graduate and/or professional title".

For military members and veterans:
  • "Free tuition in the University of Puerto Rico, when the veteran finish his/her GI Bill benefit, if needed to finish the bachellor or post-graduate and/or professional title".

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